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Aijou Rentarou (愛情 連太郎 Aijō Rentarō) is the main protagonist of The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You by Nakamura Rikito.


Rentarou is a high school student with short dark brown hair and blue comet-colored eyes.

He is most commonly seen wearing his high school uniform.


As described by Asakawa-san in Chapter 1, Rentarou is a kind, thoughtful and serious yet sociable boy who is easy to get close to. He knows how to study well and is relatively athletic. Rentarou is very easily impressed by his girlfriends' actions, especially when they do things that he finds cute. However, Rentarou is also very protective of his girlfriends and often needs to be calmed down should someone insult or harass any of them.


After being rejected by his crush (Asakawa-san) on the day of his junior high graduation, Rentarou had been rejected a total of 100 times in his life. After a bit of banter with his friend after his rejection, he goes to a matchmaking shrine and prays for the shrine's god to give him a happy high school life by letting him get a girlfriend.

To Rentarou's surprise, a god appears to him, phasing through the donation box. At first, Rentarou confuses the god for a donation thief, but he is told that he is actually the god of the shrine. The Love God tells Rentarou that he is to meet his "soulmate" in high school, and that they will fall in love at first sight.

After understanding how it all works, the Love God tells Rentarou that he has 100 soulmates. Rentarou is in disbelief at first, but the Love God confirms it to be true, saying that gods don't lie.

On his first day of high school, Rentarou bumps into his first two soulmates, Hanazono Hakari and Inda Karane in the hallway on his way to class. Locking eyes, the three of them all feel a shock running through their bodies. Rentarou understands that this was the feeling of love at first sight, but chooses not to say anything in the moment because he doesn't want to raise suspicion. Reaching his hand out to the two girls, he asks if they are okay, and Hakari, seeing an opportunity, acts as though she hurt her leg and asks him to carry her to the nurse's office, infuriating Karane. Rentarou starts crying and apologizing to Hakari, and she is immediately moved by his tears, seeing him as a "kind soul." When Hakari takes Rentarou's hand, Karane immediately blurts out that she doesn't want him to carry her and her hurt leg, which is clearly a lie because she's a tsundere. Rentarou doesn't catch on to the lies the two girls tell, and punches himself in the face to punish himself for badly injuring two people when he "barely touched them." He then has both girls hold on to him as he walks them to the nurse's office. While walking, they introduce themselves to one another, but, right after, the two girls hear a rumor from some passing classmates about a "love charm" in the school that supposedly will make a confession successful when given as a gift in a confession. After hearing this, Hakari and Karane forget about the lies they told about their legs and immediately run away from Rentarou.

After his first day of school, Rentarou stays a bit longer to help an elderly teacher find his lost contact lenses. After completing the task, he starts heading for the exit when he spots the two girls in the school courtyard looking for the four-leaf clover love charm. He is moved by the dedication that the two have, and decides to buy some soda for them. After buying the soda, he heads back to the courtyard to see that Karane is alone, still looking for the four-leaf clover. While giving her the soda, he finds out from Karane that Hakari had left to do something a few minutes earlier. Continuing to talk to Karane, he concludes that she is, in fact, a tsundere, and, a second after realizing this, she runs away, flustered. Immediately after Karane leaves, Hakari appears. He offer the second soda to her, and she decides to use the opportunity to ask him if he could drink half of it for her, saying that she couldn't finish the whole thing by herself, which was clearly a lie so that she could get an indirect kiss from him. Unfortunately for her, Rentarou had a feeling that she couldn't finish it on her own and happened to have bought a smaller drink for this situation. She then tricks him into giving her an indirect kiss by having him drink 15ml of the drink, making a big deal about how 190ml is not half of 350ml. In her excitement while drinking, she spills a bit of it on her skirt. Rentarou then offers his handkerchief to wipe herself with, but she grabs his hand and confesses her love to him. While Rentarou is in tears over the fact that this is the first time a girl has confessed to him, Karane appears behind him with 8 different canned drinks dropped on the ground. Karane attempts to pass it off, but admits she bought the drinks for him in return for the soda he'd given her, although she didn't know what he'd like and bought them all.

Karane and Hakari argue briefly, before they both confront Rentarou and ask him which of them he'll go out with. Rentarou dodges the question until the following morning, and spends the night trying to decide what to do. The Love God informs him that, if he only dates one girl, the other will die. So, Rentarou's only choice is to date them both, somehow. He briefly considers dating each one behind the other's back, but (literally) beats himself up for even thinking about it.

Instead, Rentarou spends all night in the courtyard, and meets with Karane and Hakari in the morning. Dirty and disheveled, he says he would like to date both of them, offering them each four-leaf clovers he spent all night searching for. The girls are initially reluctant, but eventually agree, and the three of them enter a polyamorous relationship.


Girlfriends 1–10[]

Hakari Hanazono
One of Rentarō's first two girlfriends, along with Karane Inda. Hakari is from a wealthy family and likes to present a prim and proper appearance, but is rather physical in her affection and can sometimes be perverted. In addition to loving Rentarō, she is somewhat attracted to Karane. Early in the story, Hakari's mother Hahari disapproved of her relationship with the then five-timing Rentarō and temporarily forbade her from seeing him, leading to Rentarō and his girlfriends rescuing her. After proving the honesty of his feelings for his girlfriends to Hahari, Hakari rejoins the harem, but with her mother now a member. On occasion, she cooperates with her mother to manipulate Rentarō and his girlfriends into doing perverted actions, though she is not nearly as pushy as her mother.
Karane Inda
One of Rentarō's first two girlfriends, along with Hakari Hanazono. Karane has a typical tsundere personality, though not violent by any means. She has difficulty lying and hiding her true feelings. While she initially disliked the idea of Rentarō having multiple girlfriends, she soon became accepting of them. In addition to loving Rentarō, she is somewhat attracted to Hakari. She was slightly insecure about her tsundere traits because she felt that she could not express her feelings properly like Rentarō's other girlfriends, but after losing those traits thanks to a drug from Kusuri, she eventually acknowledged that her personality is what made her special and regained them with help from Rentarō's other girlfriends. She is noted for having deceptively high strength despite her slender appearance.
Shizuka Yoshimoto
Rentarō's third girlfriend. Shy to the point of muteness, Shizuka was constantly bullied by her fellow students and abused by her mother before meeting Rentarō. She is a bookworm who initially could only communicate through passages of her favorite book by pointing at them when trying to respond to someone. Rentarō develops a speaking app for her so she can freely communicate by digitally reciting the lines she touches as well as a word bank. She loves fantasy romance books in particular, but is unable to swim. Her given name literally means "quiet" and her family name literally means "a good book".
Nano Eiai
Rentarō's fourth girlfriend. Nano is stoic to the point of emotionlessness. She is intelligent and highly optimized in her daily life, removing any sort of unnecessary movements and actions to achieve utter efficiency. She initially has trouble concentrating when she first falls for Rentarō, throwing her lifestyle into chaos, but after going on a date with him and stopping him from burning the photos they took on it, she accepts her feelings and returns to normal. She is afraid of heights. Her name can literally mean "prosperity from calmness."
Kusuri Yakuzen
Rentarō's fifth girlfriend. Kusuri is the president of Chemistry club at Rentarō's high school who specialises in creating drugs which have strange effects when consumed. She is eighteen years old, but due to having consumed a drug that was supposed to make her immortal, she spends much of her time in an eight-year-old body. She also has a neutralization drug that can revert most of her drug effect's, though the effects of the failed immortal drug can only be temporarily negated, allowing Kusuri to appear in her true 18-year-old appearance temporarily before reverting back. She acts like her general appearance, talks in the third-person, and ends her sentences with nanoda (なのだ). It is later revealed that both of her parents and grandmother also took the immortality drug and are also eight-year-olds in appearance as well. Her name is a pun on the word for medicine and drugs with her family name having the kanji for it (薬) and her given name being the direct pronunciation.
Hahari Hanazono
Rentarō's sixth girlfriend and Hakari's mother. She gave birth to Hakari when she was thirteen, due to having fallen in love with a terminally ill fellow student. Knowing that he did not have long to live, she had herself artificially inseminated with his sperm so that they could be a family before he died. Initially, she disapproved of Hakari's relationship with Rentarō, believing that he was two-timing her daughter with four other girls, but changed her mind when she fell in love with Rentarō herself, going as far as buying the school and becoming the new chairwoman in order to stay close to him. She adores cute things and shares some of her daughter's perverted tendencies if not to a higher degree. She can also be overbearingly affectionate to Rentarō and his girlfriends, usually trying to be the mother figure to them all. Her given name is a pun on the Japanese word for mother, haha (母).
Kurumi Haraga
Rentarō's seventh girlfriend. Kurumi is a middle-schooler with a very high metabolism, which causes her to get hungry very easily - even hearing a word that sounds similar to a certain type of food will cause her to crave that food. As a result, she constantly wears headphones and has her hood up in order to block out as much food-related talk as possible. She has two personalities, depending on whether or not she is hungry. When she has eaten, she is a very kind and sweet-natured person, but when she is hungry, she is short-tempered and abrupt - unfortunately, due to being near constantly hungry, she is near constantly short-tempered. Her given name means "walnut", a fact which has caused her food obsession to trigger so many times from hearing her own name that walnuts are now the one food she does not like.
Mei Meido
Rentarō's eighth girlfriend. Mei is the Hanazono family maid having been found by Hahari after she was abused and abandoned by her biological parents. She is extremely loyal to Hahari and will carry out any request made by Hahari without question, no matter how absurd. In fact, she becomes suicidal if she fails to fulfill the task, often resulting in Hahari having to rescind the order to stop her. Her most striking physical feature are her rainbow colored irises which are usually not seen as she almost always has her eyes closed, (nearly always requiring some sort of shocking revelation) though this does not prevent her from driving or piloting a helicopter. Her family name is a pun on the word "Maid".
Iku Sutou
Rentarō's ninth girlfriend. Iku is the last remaining member of the school baseball team as the other members decided to study baseball in America. She is masochistic, finding pleasure in overworking herself to exhaustion and otherwise being mildly hurt. Even being "heartbroken" by Rentarō causes her great pleasure, though she becomes a legitimate girlfriend for Rentarō. A bonus story in the fifth volume reveals that her masochism began when she developed a love of baseball at a young age. Initially she found practicing too hard and painful, but after an encouraging pep talk from her older brother, she decided to keep at it. However, because she had been told that she had to keep trying even if it hurt, she came to consider pain a good thing. Her name in the Japanese naming order means "stoic".
Mimimi Utsukushisugi
Rentarō's tenth girlfriend. Mimimi is a girl who is obsessed with beauty, but is aware that beauty cannot simply be bought, and considers inner beauty just as important as outer beauty. As such, she puts a lot of work into making herself beautiful, earning her own money, cutting costs wherever she can, doing facial regimens, and teaching herself elocution. She initially considers Nano her rival in beauty, seemingly due to Nano having beaten her in their junior high school beauty contest. It is later revealed that her hatred actually stems from Nano having snubbed her after the contest, and she decides to let bygones be bygones when Nano apologises to her, although she insists on maintaining a friendly rivalry. Her full name contains the kanji for beauty (美) three times with her given name literally meaning "very beautiful".

Girlfriends 11–[]

Meme Kakure
Rentarō's eleventh girlfriend. Meme is a shrinking violet girl who goes out of her way to be a "background character". She has a pronounced figure that she actively binds down to reduce attention to her and her most prominent physical characteristic is her bangs that constantly cover her eyes except in a few situations such as when Rentarō first made eye contact with her when he saved her from a flying sign in a windstorm, though her eyes are never seen directly by the reader. She knits small plushies as a hobby. When pressured or embarrassed, Meme will suddenly vanish in an instant and throw one of these plushies where she was standing as a means of misdirection while she hides somewhere nearby. Her family name, Kakure, is a pun on the Japanese word "to hide" (隠れ).
Chiyo Iin
Rentarō's twelfth girlfriend and his junior high school aged cousin. She has extreme tidiness tendencies which results in her getting so frustrated when anything is disorganized or sloppy that she has to intervene and correct them. She is the class president of her class as a result, but secretly dislikes the high expectations they put on her. If she loses her glasses, her anxiety is suddenly released and she becomes a crying mess. While Rentarō had his reservations against dating his cousin, despite knowing the fate she would have if he did not accept her, he relented after witnessing her honest, pure confession. Her father (and only parent) Hiro, Rentarō's uncle, approves of her relationship with him after a young Rentarō once pushed him away from a speeding truck, believing Rentarō to be the best boy in the world as a result. Her name is a pun on the Japanese word for a president/head committee chairman, iinchou (委員長).
Nadeshiko Yamato
Rentarō's thirteenth girlfriend. Nadeshiko is a transfer teacher who becomes the new Japanese teacher at his school. She claims to be American, but in reality she is a pure-blooded Japanese and is merely obsessed with America. As a child, her parents forced her to learn and uphold the behaviour of a proper Japanese lady, going as far as locking her in a storeroom when she made mistakes. On one occasion, she discovered an American movie, and upon watching it, became so inspired by the freedom American children were allowed compared to her own upbringing that she began modelling her entire life and identity after it, which led to her parents disowning her. She prefers to be called Naddy. Her name ironically refers to Yamato Nadeshiko, the personification of an idealized Japanese woman.
Yamame Yasashiki
Rentarō's fourteenth girlfriend. Yamame is bigger and taller than Rentarō's other girlfriends, but is described by Rentarō as a gentle soul who loves nature. Yamame is Iku's classmate and a member of the school's gardening club and is overly caring to all forms of nature. Even the weeds that grow in the garden are considered precious by her and she even made a garden area just for weeds. In her youth, she used to dislike her large body, but after helping a baby bird back into its nest, she became proud of it since she can protect and help out nature. In her past, she witnessed a wild fire and developed pyrophobia since such fires kill plants and animals. After Rentarō protected Yamame from a fire comically created by the school's vice principal, she confessed her feelings to Rentarō as it was the first time someone had ever protected her. Her family name contains the pun for Cutting, Sashiki(挿し木) and her given name literally means Mountain Woman, referring to her height.
Momiji Momi
Rentarō's fifteenth girlfriend. Momiji is Kurumi's classmate and a skilled masseuse. Her massages puts her clients into a state of extreme bliss, though this is likely due to her handsy nature, stating that she enjoys the "softness" of a woman's body. After falling in love with Rentarō, she finds his unique body a perfect tool to practice on. Her dream is to become a popular masseuse and personally massage gravure models. Her name is a pun on the Japanese word for massage, "momimomi".
Yaku Yakuzen
Rentarō's sixteenth girlfriend and Kusuri's grandmother. She is eighty-nine years old, but due to having taken a prototype of Kusuri's immortality drug, she resembles an eight-year-old girl. Due to the strength of the prototype, her appearance is not reverted by the neutralization drug. Her age is shown through her knowledge and mature womanly charm, something completely different from the more perverse Hahari. She met her husband in a warzone when she was a medic, but has since been widowed. She is technologically illiterate. She has a variation of her granddaughter's verbal tic, ending her sentences with "nanoja" (なのじゃ), a more antiquated version. Her first name is a Goroawase pun referring to her age: Ya (8) ku (9).
Kishika Torotoro
Rentarō's seventeenth girlfriend. Kishika is Kusuri's classmate and captain of the school kendo team. She has five siblings, all of whom she looks after by herself due to her parents not being around. She has a secret desire to be pampered, spoiled, and doted on, but has kept this part a secret and is extremely reactive to anyone who attempts to touch her. Her desire to be pampered led her to making an fake hand to pet herself and comforting voice lines to listen to when she is upset. After Rentarō discovers this, he becomes her boyfriend and pampers her, causing her to develop an infantile reaction when pampered. Her given name means "knight" in Japanese and her family name is a pun on the onomatopoeia sound of something melty, "torotoro".
Aashii Kedarui
Rentarō's eighteenth girlfriend. Āshī dresses and speaks like a gyaru, but also has a personality self-described as "low-blood pressure” and has a constantly relaxed expression, even when stating that she is motivated or excited. After meeting Rentarō and going to a flea-market to sell her unused cute things, she became inspired to one day run a store that sells cute things and hopes Rentarō will help support her new dream. She prefers Rentarō to call her Āko. Her family name is a pun on "darui" (怠い), meaning slow, sluggish, and dull.


  • Aijou means "love, affection" (愛) (ai) and "emotion, affection, feelings, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts" (情) (jou).
  • Rentarou means "communicating, company, group, take along, lead, join, connect, party, gang, clique" (連) (ren), "thick, big, great" (太) (ta) and "son" (郎) (rou).


  • Rentarou is a Taurus, making his birthday sometime between April 19 and May 20th.



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