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Aijou Rentarou (愛情 連太郎 Aijō Rentarō) is the main protagonist in The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You by Nozawa Yukiko.


Rentarou is a high school student with short dark brown hair and blue comet-colored eyes.

He is most commonly seen wearing his high school uniform.


As described by Asakawa-san in Chapter 1, Rentarou is a kind, thoughtful and serious yet sociable boy who is easy to get close to. He knows how to study well and is relatively athletic. Rentarou is very easily impressed by his girlfriends' actions, especially when they do things that he finds cute. However, Rentarou is also very protective of his girlfriends and often needs to be calmed down should someone insult or harass any of them.


Junior High[]

After being rejected by his friend Asakawa-san on the day of his junior high graduation, Rentarou had been rejected a total of 100 times in his life. After a bit of banter with Asakawa-san after his rejection, he goes to a matchmaking shrine and prays for the shrine's god to give him a happy high school life by letting him get a girlfriend.

To Rentarou's surprise, a god appears to him, phasing through the donation box. At first, Rentarou confuses the god for a donation thief, but he is told that he is actually the god of the shrine. The Love God tells Rentarou that he is to meet his "soulmate" in high school, and that they will fall in love at first sight.

After understanding how it all works, the Love God tells Rentarou that he has 100 soulmates. Rentarou is in disbelief at first, but the Love God confirms it to be true, saying that gods don't lie.

High School[]

On his first day of high school, Rentarou bumps into his first two soulmates, Hanazono Hakari and Inda Karane in the hallway on his way to class. Locking eyes, the three of them all feel a shock running through their bodies. Rentarou understands that this was the feeling of love at first sight, but chooses not to say anything in the moment because he doesn't want to raise suspicion. Reaching his hand out to the two girls, he asks if they are okay, and Hakari, seeing an opportunity, acts as though she hurt her leg and asks him to carry her to the nurse's office, infuriating Karane. Rentarou starts crying and apologizing to Hakari, and she is immediately moved by his tears, seeing him as a "kind soul." When Hakari takes Rentarou's hand, Karane immediately blurts out that she doesn't want him to carry her and her hurt leg, which is clearly a lie because she's a tsundere. Rentarou doesn't catch on to the lies the two girls tell, and punches himself in the face to punish himself for badly injuring two people when he "barely touched them." He then has both girls hold on to him as he walks them to the nurse's office. While walking, they introduce themselves to one another, but, right after, the two girls hear a rumor from some passing classmates about a "love charm" in the school that supposedly will make a confession successful when given as a gift in a confession. After hearing this, Hakari and Karane forget about the lies they told about their legs and immediately run away from Rentarou.

After his first day of school, Rentarou stays a bit longer to help an elderly teacher find his lost contact lenses. After completing the task, he starts heading for the exit when he spots the two girls in the school courtyard looking for the four-leaf clover love charm. He is moved by the dedication that the two have, and decides to buy some soda for them. After buying the soda, he heads back to the courtyard to see that Karane is alone, still looking for the four-leaf clover. While giving her the soda, he finds out from Karane that Hakari had left to do something a few minutes earlier. Continuing to talk to Karane, he concludes that she is, in fact, a tsundere, and, a second after realizing this, she runs away, flustered. Immediately after Karane leaves, Hakari appears. He offer the second soda to her, and she decides to use the opportunity to ask him if he could drink half of it for her, saying that she couldn't finish the whole thing by herself, which was clearly a lie so that she could get an indirect kiss from him. Unfortunately for her, Rentarou had a feeling that she couldn't finish it on her own and happened to have bought a smaller drink for this situation. She then tricks him into giving her an indirect kiss by having him drink 15ml of the drink, making a big deal about how 190ml is not half of 350ml. In her excitement while drinking, she spills a bit of it on her skirt. Rentarou then offers his handkerchief to wipe herself with, but she grabs his hand and confesses her love to him. While Rentarou is in tears over the fact that this is the first time a girl has confessed to him, Karane appears behind him with 8 different canned drinks dropped on the ground. Karane attempts to pass it off, but admits she bought the drinks for him in return for the soda he'd given her, although she didn't know what he'd like and bought them all.

Karane and Hakari argue briefly, before they both confront Rentarou and ask him which of them he'll go out with. Rentarou dodges the question until the following morning, and spends the night trying to decide what to do. The Love God informs him that, if he only dates one girl, the other will die. So, Rentarou's only choice is to date them both, somehow. He briefly considers dating each one behind the other's back, but (literally) beats himself up for even thinking about it.

Instead, Rentarou spends all night in the courtyard, and meets with Karane and Hakari in the morning. Dirty and disheveled, he says he would like to date both of them, offering them each four-leaf clovers he spent all night searching for. The girls are initially reluctant, but eventually agree, and the three of them enter a polyamorous relationship.

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If he ever meets a soulmate he must make them his girlfriend and make them happy, or else they will die. Aijou is currently dating several girls:

  1. Hanazono Hakari
  2. Inda Karane
  3. Yoshimoto Shizuka
  4. Eiai Nano
  5. Yakuzen Kusuri
  6. Hanazono Hahari
  7. Haraga Kurumi
  8. Meido Mei
  9. Sutou Iku
  10. Utsukushisugi Mimimi
  11. Kakure Meme
  12. Iin Chiyo
  13. Yamato Nadeshiko
  14. Yasashiki Yamame



Hanazono Hakari[]

Hakari is one of Rentarou's first two girlfriends often considered the first. She is shown to be the most "lovey-dovey" towards him compared to the rest of the girls but she is also shown to be very crafty in her ways to get closer to him. Alongside her mother, Hahari, Hakari is shown to be very perverted especially towards Renatrou, something he often tries to rein in. Their relationship was deepened after the incidents involving her mother and Kusuri's aging drug with the former showing that Rentarou is willing to risk it all to save his loved ones and the later situation giving her a new found respect (sort of) for her mother.

Inda Karane[]

Karane is one of Rentarou's first two girlfriends often considered his second. Despite downplaying her feelings for him, Karane feelings for Rentarou are completely genuine possibly even eclipsing Hakari's feelings.

Yoshimoto Shizuka[]

Shizuka is Rentarou's third girlfriend. The relationship was first formed by Rentarou and Shizuka meeting in he school library and the two bonded over romantic fantasy books. Rentarou's feelings for Shizuka bloomed and even made a an audiobook type track to help her with talking to people. She is also shown to be very modest in her feelings towards Rentarou especially compared to Kusuri, Hakari, and Hahari.

Eiai Nano[]

Nano is Rentarou's fourth girlfriend. The two first met face to face after the midterm results were announced. Originally she seemed very distant from the other people at school due to her own feelings of seeking the most "efficient" way to succeed at life. However, upon meeting Rentarou she could never put him out of her mind and due to some prodding went on a date which helped her acknowledge her feelings towards him. It is due to Rentarou that she also becomes closer to the girls in the group whom she claims as friends.

Yakuzen Kusuri[]

Kusuri is Rentarou's fifth girlfriend. They first met through eye-contact alone, as Rentarou ran passed the classroom she was in. He only caught a brief glance of her as he was dragged away by the other girls, but returned to that classroom later on in an attempt to meet her. While the girl he'd seen was tall, with a glasses and a mature appearance, the only person he meets in the classroom is small and young-looking. Rentarou's feelings for her are the same despite her different appearance, although he doesn't recognize her until she accidentally ingests a "drug neutralization drug" that returns her (temporarily) to her normal appearance.

Hanazono Hahari[]

Hahari is Rentarou's sixth and oldest girlfriend as well as being Hakari's mother. She was originally against Hakari's relationship with Rentarou especially as he was also dating four other girls at the same time. However, when she also felt the soulmate 'shock' she immediately confessed but took it back for Hakari's sake. She eventually relented due to seeing his deep devotion to Hakari (from him easily passing the lie detector test on how much he loved Hakari to preventing Hakari from falling to her death) and fell for Rentarou himself. However, she had concerns about her new feelings as she still loved Hakari's father who died from a deadly disease back when they were in school. However, Rentarou encouraged her to continue loving her old flame as well as him as he feels both are genuine.

Haraga Kurumi[]

Kurumi is Rentarou's seventh girlfriend, she first met him when they both reached for the same fried egg toast from the school cafeteria. Initially cold and aggressive, she only began to warm up to Rentarou after he buys and splits the fried egg toast with her. After eating, Kurumi apologizes for her behavior and explains that she becomes irritable when she's hungry; unfortunately, due to her outrageously high metabolism, she is almost always hungry. She is still cold to Rentarou for a time, but she expresses her feelings for him when he continues to reach out to her despite her temperament.

Meido Mei[]

Mei is Hahari's maid, as well as Rentarou's eighth girlfriend. She was present during much of the incident with Hahari and Hakari, although she did not play a large role. She and Rentarou became properly acquainted while Mei served Hahari during their lunch breaks. Rentarou and the others realize that they have never seen Mei's eyes open, as she always has a calm, eyes-closed smile. While they all try to get her to open her eyes through various means, Rentarou is the one who eventually succeeds, causing their eyes to meet and for them to both feel the soulmate "shock". The girls immediately recognize Mei's reaction as her falling in love with Rentarou, and eagerly accept her into the family. Mei is initially resistant, as loving the same person as her master is inexcusable to her. However, once Hahari expresses her approval, Mei immediately asks to go out with Rentarou. Mei is very loyal to Rentarou as her 'master' seen when she was ready to lay down her life when she thought she was failing him.

Sutou Iku[]

Iku is the current captain of the schools baseball club (as well as its only member), and Rentarou's ninth girlfriend. she first locked eyes with Rentarou when soliciting the baseball club in front of the school, immediately inviting him to join disregarding the fact he's a boy. She's shown to be extremely infatuated with baseball, spending from 4 am to closing hours, as well as all her breaks trying to get members so that it doesn't close down. after playing some baseball with Rentarou the day they met, the next day she sees Nano and Rentarou holding hands, but instead of being completely heartbroken, shes partially happy. She continues to confess to Rentarou despite knowing he's taken, and Rentarou taking note of her masochistic personality, she's initially turned down, due to his knowing that it would make her happy. she is than informed of the situation and made his ninth girlfriend. Rentarou also always helps her with her baseball practice.

Utsukushisugi Mimimi[]

Mimimi is Rentarou's tenth girlfriend.

Kakure Meme[]

Meme is Rentarou's eleventh girlfriend.

Iin Chiyo[]

Chiyo is Rentarou's cousin and twelfth girlfriend.

Yamato Nadeshiko[]

Nadeshiko is Rentarou's teacher and thirteenth girlfriend.

Yasashiki Yamame

Yamame is Rentarou's fourteenth girlfriend.


  • Aijou means "love, affection" (愛) (ai) and "emotion, affection, feelings, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts" (情) (jou).
  • Rentarou means "communicating, company, group" (連) (ren), "thick, big" (太) (ta) and "son" (郎) (rou).


  • Rentarou is a Taurus, making his birthday between April 19 and May 20th.



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