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Hanazono-san and Inda-san is the first chapter of the 100 Kanojo manga.


After being having his 100th confession rejected by Asakawa a desperate Aijou Rentarou finds himself at a matchmaking shrine where he meets the Love God who tells him that he is destined to be with 100 soulmates. He later enters his first day of high school where he bumps into his first two soulmates, Hanazono Hakari and Inda Karane, both of whom would confess their feelings to Rentarou at the same time. Unable to choose which one to choose he consults the Love God for advice who tells him the reason as to why he has 100 soulmates and that if he were to be rejected or were not made happy they would die due to misfortune. Having found his answer Rentarou asks both girls if he could be both of their boyfriends, thus starting the 100 girlfriend harem.



Beginning: The Last Walk Home as a Middle School Student. And the Walking Partner is His Friend.

End: Death or Love!?

Next Chapter: No Way I'll Leave Anyone Behind! Harem School Life, Start!!!


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