Eiai Nano is the 4th girlfriend in The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You / Kimi no koto ga daidaidaidaidai suki na 100-nin no Kanojo by Nozawa Yukiko.

Appearance Edit

Nano is tall and slender, with sharp, reddish-brown eyes and long white hair.

Personality Edit

Eiai Nano loves Aijou Rentarou. She is practical to a fault, obsessed with solving a problem in the most efficient way possible no matter what.

She is afraid of heights.

History Edit

One day, Rentarou, Hakari, Karane and Shizuka went to see the exam results. Rentarou then noticed that he forgot his phone in the classroom. When he came back, he saw a girl was still in the class and had the soulmate shock with her. The girl explained that she did not need to check the results because she knew that she got the first position for sure. Rentarou then went to see the results and knew that the girl's name was Eiai Nano.

Rentarou then tried to have some friendly talks with Nano, only to know that she was extremely cold because Nano considered having fun with other people was inefficient and insignificant. Unknown to Rentarou, Nano actually developed some feeling for him, up to the point that it made her could not focus on her studying. Because of that, Nano decided to propose to Rentarou. However, when Rentarou accepted her proposal, Nano rejected him immediately. She then explained that she expected Rentarou rejected her so she could come back to her old self, but because he did not, so she had to do that. Rentarou then convinced Nano to have a date with him before having final decision.

On the date, Rentarou brought an instant camera, which he used to capture their moments. After the date, Nano admitted that she had more fun than she expected, but gained nothing significant. Hearing that, Rentarou decided to burn their photos and end their relationship. Surprisingly, Nano grabbed the photos and kept them from being burnt. Rentarou pointed out it was the proof that Nano gained something so important that she wanted to project. Understanding that there are more important things that she needs to experience in life, Nano proposed again and Rentarou accepted. The next day, Rentarou introduced Nano to his other girlfriends, officially made her his 4th girlfriend.

Abilities Edit

Nano is the smartest among the girls. In her school exam, she gets the perfect score (700/700), which is better than the scores of genius-level characters in other manga. Nano can memorise hundreds of digits of Pi number, which she sometimes uses to calm down. Due to her extreme intelligence and efficiency, in most of difficult situations, Nano is the first to come up with solutions. However, her solutions are sometimes brutal due to her lack of social experience.

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