Girlfriends, also known as Soulmates or Kanojo, is a collective name for individuals who are set to be Rentarou's "ultimate love partners".[1] It is implied that both male and female can be Rentarou's soulmate.[2]

Overview Edit

History Edit

After experiencing 100 heartbreaks, Rentarou visits a shrine and states his wish to find a soulmate. A God appears and fulfills Rentarou's wish, however, the God accidentally link Rentarou to 100 soulmates instead of one. The soulmates also has certain curse related to Rentarou and his relationship with them.

Origin Edit

It is noted that Rentarou's heartbreaks is due to him pouring all of his lifetime worth of luck & fortune to this one wish.

Requirements Edit

There are certain conditions for an individual to be officially considered as the Soulmate/Girlfriend. By that time, he/she will be Rentarou's Soulmate and their "introduction story" consider as finished.

  • Met Rentarou during his high-school year
  • Felt a shock through their whole body during their first sight of Rentarou
  • Confess/getting confessed by Rentarou and establish a relationship with him
  • Lips-to-lips kiss (optional)

List of Girlfriends Edit

The girlfriends are ordered based on Rentarou's confession to said girls.

No Name Join
1 Hanazono Hakari Chapter 1
2 Inda Karane Chapter 1
3 Yoshimoto Shizuka Chapter 3
4 Eiai Nano Chapter 7
5 Yakuzen Kusuri Chapter 10
6 Hanazono Hahari Chapter 19
7 Haraga Kurumi Chapter 24
8 Meido Mei Chapter 30

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References Edit

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