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Hanazono Hakari is one of Aijou Rentarou's first girlfriends, along with Inda Karane in The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You by Nozawa Yukiko.


Hakari has shoulder-length pink hair and green eyes. She usually had white flowers in her hair, much like her mother. Also like her mother, Hakari is very well-endowed, a trait that some of the other girlfriends (namely Karane) envy.

Sizes: T157 B94 W60 H91


Hakari loves Rentarou. She is described as "clumsy calculative" lady. She is often planning and plotting to achieve her goals which may or may not go as planned due to her clumsiness. She is prim and proper on the outside while inside she is just as degenerate if not more as the other member of Hanazono family. Hakari is also a big teaser towards Inda Karane often leaving her embarrassed or pissed.

Hobby: delusions, breast growth, diet

Speciality: love schemes


Hakari met Rentarou while walking with Karane on the first day after bumping into him in the hall, both immediately falling in love with him at first sight. She pretends that her leg is hurt so that he could carry her all the way to the nurse's office.

After hearing the rumors that if you confess to someone while giving them a four-leaf pink clover, you will definitely succeeded. She and Karane spent the rest of the day trying to find the clover for Rentarou without success. Regardless, both her then Karane confessed to Rentarou. Nevertheless, Rentarou found the clovers and presented it to both of them on the next day while confessing that he wants to two-time them; they accepted. Hakari simultaneously became Aijou Rentarou's 1st girlfriend at the same time as Karane.

Hakari is the daughter of Hanazono Hahari and was revealed to be a rich girl. Her mother at first wanted to stop Hakari from dating Rentarou, but Rentarou soon convinced her otherwise.


Hakari has an G-Cup bust which makes her, along with her mother Hahari, one of most curvaceous girlfriends. With her breast size, together with her fine curves and sexiness, she outclasses most of other girls when it comes to body.


  • Hanazono means "flower, blossom" (花) (hana) and "garden, park, plantation" (園) (sono/zono).
  • Hakari means "feather" (羽) (ha), "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka) and "village" (里) (ri).


First girlfriend dispute[]

  • It is generally considered that Hakari is one of the first two girlfriends of Rentarou, alongside Inda Karane. However, some people consider Hakari as the first girlfriend and Karane as second.[1]
  • Arguments supporting the first theory:
    1. Rentarou's acceptance: After deep thoughts regarding the double confession, Rentarou finally decides to accept both at the exact same time.
    2. Dates and kisses: While Rentarou accepts both confessions, he asks both of the two girlfriends out for a date together. In order to avoid any psychological hurdle on the issue of who Rentarou's first kiss was, the three of them decided to kiss at the same time.
    3. Author's intentions: This is in line of the two arguments above. Supporters of this theory believe that the author intentionally introduced two girlfriends at the same time so that neither of them will be 'the absolute first'.[2] This suits the premises and motives of the manga better in comparison, as the theme is to focus on the solution for 'how can we make all heroines happy'.
    4. 'The Twins' Proposition: This argument has been used to question the significance of the minute time difference between the key events used in determining the order of the two girlfriends (described below under 'Arguments supporting the second theory'):

      "It's like in a set of ten siblings, they would be twins. There is always an older twin, but it never truly matters who is older, because [they] were born together. So when [you count] the children you count the twins together, even if [you acknowledge] one of them as the older." - u/Izzombie [3]

  • Arguments supporting the second theory:
    1. The confession: Hakari is the one who confessed first.
    2. Acceptance of the polygamous relationship: Noting that she'd rather have Rentarou two-timing on her than rejecting her confession and not be in love, Hakari accepts Rentarou's proposal before Karane did.
    3. The initiative: This is in line of the two arguments above. Hakari was always portrayed to be the first one to take the initiative for Rentarou to accept her as his girlfriend. Karane would then passively follow, very soon after.
    4. Conventions: Regardless of which scenario happens to be the case, it is more intuitively acceptable to have all girlfriends numbered in order; in either case Hakari and Karane will always have the girlfriend order of 1 and 2, respectively.[4] Moreover, Hakari would more likely to have been chosen to represent the front cover of the first volume, had the authors decided to have a single girl as its cover.[5]


  • Hakari has kissed or been kissed by Rentarou a total of 7 times as of Chapter 29.
  • Hakari has kissed or been kissed by Karane a total of 5 times as of Chapter 41.
  • In the first, second and fifth ASMR, Hakari is voiced by Reina Ueda.



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