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Meido Mai is Aijou Rentarou's 20th girlfriend in The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You. She is also Meido Mei's "sister", in that, while they aren't blood related, they both serve the same person.


Mai has light brown hair that fades to a darker shade near the tips. Her hair is styled in a bob cut, partially braided and held in place with a jewel hair accessory. Her eyes are a darker brown, similar to the darker shades of her hair. She wears a maid outfit identical to Mei's.


Much like her sister's love for Hanazono Hahari, Mai is absolutely dedicated to Mei, often getting lost in thought while admiring her. Her dedication is so strong that she initially resents Rentarou for being a threat that may take Mei away from her.

Mai is also very clumsy, consistently slipping and tripping over things, although she is often caught by Mei before she can get hurt.


Mai is the grand-daughter of the former head maid of the Hanazono estate. She was brought to visit the estate when she was very young, and was immediately enamored upon seeing Mei working. This caused her to want to become a maid as well, so she would assist with Mei's duties when she had time outside of her schooling. After graduating junior high, Mai became a live-in maid for the Hanazono family.

While her official debut was in Chapter 101, Mai appeared in the background of one panel in Chapter 31.


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