This page contains additional characters which appear for a short period within the series.

Asakawa[edit | edit source]

Asakawa was Rentarou's final crush in middle school. After their graduation ceremony, Rentarou confesses to her, which she ultimately rejects. Asakawa states that although she loves his friendly and outgoing nature, the thought of him as her boyfriend makes her want to throw up.

Although her face isn't seen clearly, she is shown to be shorter than Rentarou, and has brown hair.

Unnamed Friend[edit | edit source]

Rentarou's friend who walks home with him. They talk about Rentarou's numerous crushes, and subsequent rejections, with his friend comforting him.

Unknown Students[edit | edit source]

A group of unknown students seen standing in front of their middle school's front sign. There is a boy with black hair, a girl with brown hair, and another girl with navy blue hair.

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