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The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You ( (きみ) のことが (だい) (だい) (だい) (だい) (だい) (すき) きな100 (ひゃく) (にん) (かの) (じょ) Kimi no koto ga daidaidaidaidai suki na Hyaku-nin no Kanojo?), better known as 100 Kanojo (100 (ひゃっ) カノ Hyakkano?), is a romantic-comedy series written by Nakamura Rikito and drawn by Nozawa Yukiko.

The animated version is scheduled to premiere on October 8, 2023. On August 19th, the official preview video for the main character, Yakuzen Kusuri, was released.[1]


Aijou Rentarou experienced 100 heartbreaks during Junior High. While praying in a shrine, the Love God appears, saying that Aijou will meet 100 soulmates in high school. If their relationship with him fails, all the girls will die from various unfortunate events. Now it's a matter of love or death, and it's up to Aijou to decide.

List of Chapters and Volumes[]

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