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Torotoro Kishika is the 17th girlfriend in The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You by Nozawa Yukiko.


Kishika has long hair generally kept in a ponytail. Her particular modification of the school uniform is to wear an ascot instead of the standard tie or ribbon, likely to give her a more regal appear to compliment her knightly attitude. She also carries a kendo sword with her at all times.


On the surface Kishika is polite but highly discipline person speaking and carrying herself like a knight. She tends to strict on herself and others and seems to be an addition straightman in the Rentarou family.

This all conceals the real Kishika that wants to be spoiled and even outright babied, especially by Rentarou and Hahari. After she indulges in her desire to be babied she usually is embarrassed to the point of begging for death.


For unknown reasons Kishika's parents were absent from their children's lives leaving Kishika to take care of her younger siblings. This seems to have forced her to grow up and act more mature. Not getting the childhood she yearned for Kishika desperately wants to spoiled. When having a rough time she would hide under a bridge and listen to recordings of her parents and patting herself with a glove attached to her kendo sword.

Kishika first meets Rentarou when he is being threatened by a group of delinquents attempting to mug him. Unwilling to overlook such a dishonorable thing she immediately takes down his attackers when their eyes meet.


Kishika is extremely talented with a sword. She is able to take down several delinquents and most of the Rentarou Family by herself.


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