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Yasashiki Yamame (優敷き山女 Yasashiki Yamame) is the 14th girlfriend in The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You by Nakamura Rikito and Nozawa Yukiko.


Yamame is a very tall girl with a large frame. She has short hair, which is usually adorned with living butterflies and flowers. When working in the fields, she often wears stilts to avoid crushing the crops. In addition to the stilts, she wears an apron, a backpack, and keeps her tie in her breast pocket.


Yamame is a very kind and gentle girl who speaks like she is from the country. She is self conscious about her height, but is proud that she can protect others with it. She is afraid of fire due to its destructive nature.


Yamame has always had a large body, which led to her being teased by others growing up. She became self conscious of her height and hated herself for it. One day, she helped a baby chick return to its nest and protected a small flower from a downpour of rain. Realizing that her large body gave her the power to protect others, she became proud of herself for the first time in her life. Her appreciation towards nature led her to being part of the gardening club in high school.

Yamame meets Rentarou when he comes to the gardening club asking for flowers to make a crown for his girlfriend. She accepts, under the condition that Rentarou helps her in the fields for the day. Seeing how hard of a worker Rentarou is, she is touched by his mutual appreciation of nature. Just before she gives Rentarou the flowers, the vice principal comes running through the fields with her hair on fire. Some sparks fly off of her and head toward Yamame, but Rentarou protects her from them. She is amazed, as she's only protected others before, but never been protected herself. She confesses to Rentarou after this and is brought into the family.


Due to her large build, Yamame is very strong, being able to carry Shizuka, Kusuri (child-form), and Chiyo all at once. She is able to do all forms of yardwork to take care of her crops.


  • Yasashiki means "gentle, affectionate" (優) (yasa) and "spreading, laying out" (敷き) (shiki).
    • "sashiki" (さ敷き) is a pun on "sashiki" (挿し木), meaning "cutting, planting".
  • Yamame means "mountain" (山) (yama) and "woman" (女) (me).
    • "mame" (ま女) is a pun on "mame" (忠実), meaning "hardworking, healthy", and "mame" (), meaning "legume".



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