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Yoshimoto Shizuka (好本 静) is the 3rd girlfriend of Aijou Rentarou in The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You by Nozawa Yukiko.


Yoshimoto Shizuka is a petite 15 or 16 year old girl with fluffy, waist-length hair that is charcoal-blue in colour. Her small size tends to cause people to think she is a young child, despite being the same age as Rentarou and the others.


Shizuka is rather timid especially given her rather quiet or mute voice which makes her rather distant from other people. However, ever since she met Rentarou she has become braver, even willing to sacrifice her own safety to help Hakari out. She is also the most modest of Renatrou's girlfriends as she refused to peep on him when he was taking a bath and even tried to stop them from doing so.


For a long time, Yoshimoto Shizuka had trouble communicating with people verbally. The origin of this issue is still unknown, but to overcome it she uses books to replace talking to people, and because of that she got bullied a lot in her middle school.

The problem was so severe that at one point even her mother hit her and tried to make her speak.

To avoid talking to people most of the time, in high school she joined the library staff where she could continue reading books without talking to anyone.

One day, Rentarou, Hakari, and Karane went to the school's library to search for some books. While the two girls looked for cooking books, Rentarou tried to find something to read himself. He then met Shizuka when she reached for some books on a high shelf. After the soulmate shock, they have a short conservation and Rentarou asked Shizuka about book recommendations. She found a lot of books for him but because of the library's rules, Rentarou could not borrow them. Shizuka then gave him her personal favorite novel, which Rentarou finished in one night.

The next day, Rentarou returned the book to Shizuka and noticed that she prepared the next volume for him. They then had a talk in which Shizuka explained her difficulties in communicating. Rentarou borrowed Shizuka's book again and in one week, he converted it into digital format.

Rentarou then suggested Shizuka install a text-to-speech app and use it to talk with people using the book's content. The first thing Shizuka said with the app was that she loved Rentarou, which he accepted. Then Rentarou introduced Shizuka to Hakari and Karane, officially making her his 3rd girlfriend.


Shizuka is the weakest and frailest among the girls. However, combined with her cuteness, she is able to make these her strong point. Like in Chapter 16, where Shizuka's cuteness and frailty was able to defy the natural instinct of Hahari's dog.


  • Yoshimoto means "good, fond, pleasing, like something" (好) (yoshi) and "base, root, origin, source" (本) (moto).
  • Shizuka means "quiet" (静).


  • Shizuka's birthdate is the 8th of August.
  • Rentarou and Shizuka have kissed four times so far as of Chapter 29.
  • Shizuka is the first girl to kiss Rentarou solo (Rentarou's first kiss was with Hakari and Karane at the same time)
  • In the third and fifth ASMR, Shizuka is voiced by Iwami Manaka


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